Our Story

For more than 30 years, our primary field of interest has been the development of innovative, patient-centric technology that effectively delivers therapies to patients with Parkinson’s disease. We work with specialist focus groups, fund clinical trials and invest in care initiatives that optimise treatment programmes and improve quality of life.

Britannia’s Heritage

Founded in 1982 as a small, family-run business specialising in niche therapies, Britannia have experienced successful growth to become a global speciality pharmaceutical centre of excellence.

Our Culture

We continue to redefine and innovate drug delivery methods for Parkinson’s and other disorders, and are committed to combining research and development excellence with world-class patient care, through caring for peoples health as a trusted partner.


Passionate about our products, people and staff

We are committed to making Britannia a great place to work, and our company culture reflects this. Our set of shared values enables us to achieve our ambitious goals together and expand STADA’s success in the future.


Grants, Donations and Responsibilities

We are committed to making positive changes at our sites, using technology and education to minimise energy and material waste. As a company, we are always looking for new ways to help.
Grants, Donations and Responsibilities

Partnering with the world’s leading high-quality pharmaceuticals manufacturer

At STADA, we follow our purpose of “Caring for people’s health as a trusted partner”. In pursuit of this purpose, we are committed to further accelerating the successful trajectory of our company.