We are committed to delivering innovative therapies to our patients throughout the world. We believe in the need for innovative clinical research to be conducted, which addresses important medical and scientific questions for our therapeutic areas of interest.


How we use our research for our therapies

An IIR is an unsolicited request for funding and/or material support (e.g., drug product) from an external investigator to conduct an independent scientific investigation. An IIR is conceived, designed, initiated, conducted, analysed, and reported by a qualified Investigator who is not an employee, contractor, or agent of Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and has the scientific background and experience to conduct an independent scientific investigation. To see our therapeutic areas of interest, please see our therapies section.



Only institutions/organisations are eligible to receive IIR support from BPL – not individuals. Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) serving as primary investigators or co-investigators and their respective institutions will be screened for potential debarment and other exclusions.

Our Process

Application Process
Investigator submits IIR Concept proposal to Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Investigator Initiated Research Project Manager notifies investigator of suitability of application.
Investigator submits further documentation with full protocol.
Investigator is informed of decision once reviewed by Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.