Carbon Footprint Statement

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd acknowledge that there is a pressing need to dramatically and urgently reduce global carbon emissions to prevent irreversible climate change. We are determined to play our part in this respect and reduce the carbon emissions attributable to our organisation.

Britannia have carried out a thorough and independent Carbon analysis of all activities attributable to our business. Baseline activities (2019) indicate 290.13 tCO2e are attributable to our operations. We have also carried out a comprehensive analysis of Carbon emissions attributable to the organisations activities throughout 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Britannia have already carried out some recent carbon reduction projects, which include; increased recycling throughout our head office and introduced motion censored lighting. Going forward, we will also engage staff members to reduce their own Carbon emissions for and on behalf of the Company and personally, in their own lives. We will also investigate avenues to reduce emissions through available opportunities, including; site energy reduction, embracing carbon reduction technologies, waste reduction, increased recycling and renewable energy generation usage.

We are committed to reduce our corporate carbon emissions even further by 2030.