Our Commitment

Each and everyone of us at Britannia is committed to our responsibility to be transparent. This includes transparency around applications for grants and donations made to Health Care Organisations, Patient Organisations and charities, and applications for Healthcare Professional (HCP) support to attend medical learned society conferences, in line with the ABPI Code of Practice.

Our commitment also spans to our Corporate Social Responsibilities, and we pride ourselves in the socially conscious decisions that we make. We work with our local communities to enhance the care of our patients, as well as cutting our corporate carbon emissions. This is reflected in our activities not only in our UK Head Office, but also across the globe.


Applications for Funding

To apply for funding, please visit the relevant page for your application.

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd. welcomes applications at least 8 weeks in advance of funding requirements.


Environmental Impact

Britannia acknowledge that there is an urgent and pressing need to dramatically reduce global carbon emissions to prevent irreversible climate change. We are committed to reduce our corporate carbon emissions even further by 2030.