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Britannia Pharmaceuticals specialise in innovative products for chronic and serious medical conditions, and in particular, the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

For more than 30 years, we have invested in clinical trials, pioneering research and the development of patient-friendly therapy administration.

Britannia's Story

Moving forward since 1982

Founded in 1982, Britannia Pharmaceuticals Limited is a UK-based global speciality pharmaceutical company, therapeutically focussing on neurology and CNS. With over 30 years’ experience in movement disorders, we possess deep and wide knowledge within the disease area…

Our People

At the heart of what we do

We are committed to making Britannia a better place to work. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we believe strongly in making their working life enjoyable, productive and worthwhile. In recent years we have launched numerous initiatives to improve our working environment.


Giving back to the community

Britannia Pharmaceuticals works actively with the scientific community, patient groups and payers to ensure our therapies reach the right patient at the right time and with the right level of care. But we take our wider responsibilities seriously, too – both from a CSR and a regulatory perspective.

We understand that pharma is evolving.

We believe it is no longer enough for companies to focus solely on drug development. Our goal is to provide a holistic solution both to patients and also the wider healthcare community.

Our years of experience in Parkinson’s and other movement disorders have made us experts in patient therapy, but we are also committed to supporting our entire treatment programmes.

Our dedicated nursing team works closely with the NHS and other healthcare professionals to provide specialist care in complex disease areas. The nurses ensure families and carers are given the knowledge they need to better understand the treatments patients are receiving.

At all levels of our organisation, we are committed to providing quality of life to patients, value to payers and medical support to prescribers.

From our headquarters in the UK we have grown into new markets, and have plans for further international expansion that will help to give more patients the treatment and quality care they need.


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