For more than 30 years, our primary field of interest has been the development of innovative, patient-centric technology that effectively delivers therapies to patients with Parkinson’s disease.

We work with specialist focus groups, fund clinical trials and invest in care initiatives that optimise treatment programmes and improve quality of life.

Britannia is committed to developing non-oral drug therapies that are simple to use and make life easier for patients and carers. Our vast experience and deep knowledge of Parkinson’s disease has helped us to develop pioneering drug delivery systems.
We don’t do in-house discovery, but are constantly horizon-scanning – searching out new technologies wherever they might be. We often work with small companies and universities who might not be internationally-renowned, but are making great discoveries all the time.
We can then apply our years of experience in the field and leverage our relationships in the Parkinson’s community to invest in and facilitate next-generation therapies.

Outside of Parkinson’s disease, we are also evaluating market opportunities within the broader field of neurology and always exploring new ways to bring products to market.

Our upcoming projects involve the search for new formulations to deliver levodopa subcutaneously to prevent patients from “peaks and troughs” of drug levels and provide more continuous control over symptoms.


A Phase III, Multi-centre, double blind, placebo controlled study enrolling 102 advanced Parkinson’s patients.