Britannia Pharmaceuticals is committed to combining research and development excellence with world-class patient care. We are proud to be part of the STADA group, where our shared four core values underpin this commitment, and reflect how each one of us goes about our work every day:

Our Values

Our set of shared values enables us to achieve our ambitious goals together and expand STADA’s success in the future.


Each and every one of us acts ethically in line with the company’s internal and external standards. Our actions are led by speaking up and respect.


Each and every one of us drives new ideas and actions, creating future growth and value.


Each and every one of us leads change with flexibility and decisiveness as part of our ongoing journey of personal development.


Each and every one of us acts in the best interests of the company as a whole rather than our business unit or function in order to build one successful STADA.

To ensure employees feel valued and recognised for their efforts, Britannia has introduced a company-wide reward & recognition programme. Our Bi-annual Company ‘Values’ awards, which include gift days and extra holiday, provide visible recognition of inspiring role models within the company. In addition, all employees can reward their colleagues at any time through our ‘On the Spot’ award vouchers.